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March 2017 062


Being a frugal wife, when my husband asks for something that is going to cost a little more money, I have to see if the value is worth it. He has been asking for the X1 from Comcast since he heard about it. I kept putting it off, so when I was invited to attend a blogging event at the McCandless Comcast store with other bloggers, I thought ok, maybe I can get more information (even though I thought I already knew everything LOL)

Wow. That is really all I can say. The information provided for the X1 was wayyyyy more than I ever knew.

For example, if you are a Comcast customer, did you know there are X1 apps on your smartphone or tablet/ipad to use at home or away. Xfinity TV to go, Xfinity TV, Xfinity My Account, Xfinity Remote, Xfinity Home, Xfinity Connect, and my two favorite, Xfinity Share and Xfinity Wifi.


One of the features of the X1 is the Kids Zone. Greg Wells shared the information on this important piece of technology that I feel is so important in today’s world.  Now my kids are older, but for little ones, this is a fantastic tool with parental controls that would have made my life so much easier years ago.  At least I know in the future when the grand kids start to arrive I can have a safe tv environment for them.  A great quote on Kids Zone from Greg Wells explains it perfectly “Parental controls on steroids”.

At our house, He who rules the remote rules the tv (I’m sure a lot of you can relate). Usually its my hubby and you can’t even imagine how excited he is about this X1 remote. It is voice activated and watching him find his favorite sport games (It is March Madness right now!) and his must see tv shows, has really made his life a little easier and stress free. Trying to type in things to search on ON Demand used to take him forever. Every day now he is thanking me for making the switch to X1. We have switched to the DVR box and we have an HD tv which brings a whole new life to his sports.


He fell asleep today with the remote in his hand, I tried to grab it for the boys to change the channel and he woke right up and said no way! LOL! I said I think you love this remote more than me! My 19 year old son said, well, at least it listens to him when he talks!! Funny men in my house! haha!!

Being a blogger, network marketer and social media consultant, finding wifi when I travel, whether close by or miles away, is very, very important to me. With Xfinity Wifi, I have access to multiple wifi spots just about anywhere.

Zac’s presentation was informational and seeing the visual of how many spots were available just in Pittsburgh, blew my mind. I really had no idea. He wasn’t kidding when he said “Get all the hotspots out there.” – Zac Gault


Zac also provided information on Xfinity Share. It is a form of live streaming and you can send videos or pictures securely to family or friends who can’t be at a family event, or don’t want to miss one minute of their grand babies growing up. I am a HUGE fan of live streaming!

March 2017 045

Have you ever learned something that you wished you would have know about just a few months earlier? I did when I found out about Xfinity Phone service. We canceled our home phone years ago because we never used it. I did not know that I could have up to 4 phone numbers on the app and use the app to make calls with no charges. My son is in the military and that would have been a great way to keep in touch with him. He is home now, but I am definitely trying this next time.  It is also great for when I travel for trainings or vacations during the year.

The Comcast Staff demonstrated every aspect of the X1 including Xfinity Home. Did you know that Comcast has a home Security program? I did not!! Johnyne Hoyes presentation kept me on the edge of my seat. You can access everything from your phone or ipad to see what is going on while you are not home. You can turn down the heat, turn off lights, lock doors, and watch online to make sure your home is safe and sound. You can also keep an eye on your kids to see if they took out the garbage or if they decide to invite friends home from school. My favorite quote of the night was “Mom’s always watching.” – Johnyne Hoyes. My husband and I are going to check into this for our house as well.

March 2017 039 (1)

To sum this all up, which is hard to do because there is so much awesome information,  I am thankful that my friend Dana invited me to this amazing event.


Watching demonstrations live is more helpful than reading a pamphlet. Xfinity has a youtube channel where you can learn more on everything they have.

I met other cool mom bloggers and I’m excited to connect with them. We had a great night and I loved every minute of it. The Xfinity employees were more than helpful with all of my questions and provided the best refreshments! Special Thank You to Josephine Posti for everything!

March 2017 064

While I couldn’t eat these cute little cupcakes since I am gluten free, I still had to get a picture. I LOVE social media and these are adorable!


The best part of this whole experience was knowing that I have made my husband and my kids life a little easier with the technology of Xfinity. That is priceless.

Thank you!! #xfinity moms

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Comcast. I was invited to the #XfinityMoms After Hours Blogger Bash at the #McCandlessXing new store location. I received a mini tablet and bag as a gift in exchange for this blog post and my time at the event. All opinions are my own.

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