Why Water is Important in your Health and Wellness Journey

Water. Some love it, Some hate it, But we NEED it in our bodies and in our life. I used to never drink water. My head always hurt, my stomach was always a mess and going to the bathroom was not fun sometimes!

Did you know our body is around 60% water?! We lose fluid each day just on our daily habits, sneezing, bathroom breaks, exercising. If we lose more that we are taking in, we become dehydrated.

Your muscles even benefit from water to help them work correctly. Your skin will look good, your organs function better and you will feel great all around. Your brain needs water too. The brain needs to be hydrated to work properly.

Water for weight loss? Yep! Water can help cut your calorie intake. Removing soda and those high sugar calorie drinks and replace with water you can cut those calories, hydrate your body and lose pounds.

Not sure if you are hydrated enough? Well, you gotta keep an eye on your urine. You should be going to the bathroom about 4 times a day. The clearer the urine, the more hydrated you are. The darker it is, the more dehydrated you are, although some medications can cause a dark urine. I know, going frequently might seem irritating especially at work or at home with lots of things to do. I look forward to getting a break at my desk, LOL! Plus it’s very important to not wait too long to go or that could cause other issues.



I don’t always get my water in, so I made this water jug to help.  I got this!

If you are thirsty, DRINK! Not alcohol or caffeine, but water. Everything in your body will work better from your saliva to digesting your food.

You can’t really get too much water so get your Drink on! If you want some flavor, add a slice or 2 of lemon or lime. I have been adding a mint leaf with the lemon and lime which tastes surprisingly refreshing.  You can add any fruits or vegetables that you like. Make it fun. This is your life, make a good change and enjoy it!


Stay hydrated!


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