Periscope. What is it and why should I be on it?

Periscope. Of course the word Submarine comes to my mind the first time I hear it. Up Periscope, Down Periscope, what on earth is Periscope, LOL!


A friend had shared on social media that she was going to be on Periscope in a few minutes and for everyone to join her. Well, I had no idea where to even look for it or what it was. So I didn’t do anything to try and figure it out for about 3 months.

After watching Alex Beadon on YouTube, She started to share that she was on Periscope. Since I adore watching Alex Beadon on YouTube, I was like, ok, I will download the app and see what’s going on. I mean, I LOVE social media and I am pretty sure I was addicted to facebook, however I had no idea what I was in for with Periscope!

Periscope is a live streaming app and I will be honest, I had no idea what that even meant haha!!
I did enjoy watching Alex Beadon share tips and her life with us. Even my husband and kids knew her just by her voice when I was watching one of her scopes.

I followed a few other people that I had seen on Periscope, learning as much as I could about this new social media app. Would I ever broadcast live myself, I thought not. But little did I realize I was about to embark on the ride of my life!

In August of 2015, I tried to play around with scoping, just talking to the camera or showing my friends how it worked. I didn’t really give advice or anything of value really because I had no idea what I was doing.

Then it happened. I was watching a scope, I’m not really certain of which one, might have been Robert C. Stern who was doing a promote your scope. I was sharing what I did, health and wellness coach, had fibromyalgia and lived a gluten free life. I remember having a huge discussion on how to say fibromyalgia. Then someone shared something about the PeriGirls.

PeriGirls sounded exactly like something right up my alley! Fun and Girls! On Periscope! So I found them on FB at, joined their community and wow, changed my life forever. I know this all sounds crazy right. Like how could “liking” a page on FB change my life? Well, it did.

PeriGirls is a group of women, over 10,000 strong! So they must be doing something right! They have daily tips to give you ideas on what to scope on. They have milestones to cheer you on. They celebrate your accomplishments. It’s a real community of women empowering and supporting other women. No Mean Girls Allowed. It’s a safe place and I am so happy I joined them.

They shared a post about starting a group called the Heart Tribes, a subset of the PeriGirls. I like to jump in and try everything, so I applied. I was accepted and I will be honest, I joined the Heart Tribes to get more hearts. Periscope has this really cool interaction tool, where you tap on the screen of the scope you are watching and hearts appear. Only 500 hearts count per scope but I thought what a great way to grow my hearts. The hearts don’t really mean anything, kind of social currency so the broadcaster knows you are listening and they are providing value to you. I ended up gaining way more than hearts.

Anyway, The Heart Tribes is a group of 4 women who each do a 3 minute or less scope every day for 2 weeks. Sounds simple right, wrong. The 3 minute scope struggle is real! We each watch the other 3 ladies scopes and the PeriGirls scope and give hearts. That’s it. What happened on the first day of Heart Tribes, changed my thought process immediately.

I can’t remember what my first 3 minute scope was even about, but I remember the other 3 ladies, Joy, Christine and Megan. They were real women, communicating with me over this app. They are from all over the country. They are beautiful, smart and funny as all get out. We bonded. Over 3 minute scopes. We shared out lives, our business tips, our food, our holidays, whatever we were doing. Each Beat for Heart Tribes is 2 weeks. Let me just tell you, those 2 weeks fly by. The Program Manager Evie was amazing in everything she did for the 20 or 25 tribes that first beat. Very very organized and impressive. Joanne Pham is the creator of the PeriGirls and I will always be grateful for her stepping out and creating this powerful group for women to change the world! (Megan, Christine and I are still very close and have started a show on Blab called Girls On… every Wednesday at 9PM EST)

Fast forward 20+ weeks, yea you read that right, over 5 months. I am still in the Heart Tribes, I still do a 3 minute scope every day, I haven’t missed scoping one day in over 5 months. And I have met so many amazing, incredible women who are going to be life long friends. We chat on the phone, we talk to each other on scopes, we get really silly on Snap Chat (yea another social media app lol and I’m totally addicted to that as well). @mothermoe411

SnapChat Code

We pray for each other, we support each other, we empower each other. We build confidence, self-esteem and a sense of belonging. I have a great life, but most days I felt lonely, not alone, but missing out on spending time with other women, mostly due to life schedules. Periscope has opened up all kinds of friendships that make me laugh, cry, giggle, lots of giggles. I have learned more about social media and my business to help others in so many different ways. I can watch Amanda in Australia (aka my wifey…. that’s another story lol) talk about being the Super Hero I am meant to be. I can watch new friends in Canada, UK, California, Washington, Germany seriously all over the world.

When I scope I can’t get over how much fun I have. My chat scopes are my favorite. Friends from all over pop in my scope and we talk about everything from our day, to the weather to the struggles being a single parent, to losing a pet or sharing how great it is to be a grandma.

I do scopes on money saving tips, I share how to get healthy and fit. I give a daily motivational calendar reading and a giggle from Aunty Acid.

I look forward to scoping, hitting that red broadcast button and enjoying every minute of it.
I am a very proud PeriGirl. I am on the Heart Tribe Leadership Council and I am a Periscope Addict.

Whether you want to join Periscope for your business or for personal interactions, just do it. You won’t be sorry. Remember to build the relationships with those you talk to or comment with. Don’t be weird. Say Hi, Be yourself.

I can’t even name all the women that I have met, that I admire, I follow, I love!! I think I will have them leave a quote or comment and feature them on my blog!

If you are on Periscope, Comment with your Periscope Handle Username. I am @coachmo411 so come on over and let’s connect.

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