Are you getting your Fiber in?

If I asked you if you get enough fiber in each day, what would you say? If you said you weren’t sure, then I would know you were not getting enough.

We all know that fiber is an important in our health. Growing up we always heard to eat our spinach and green leafy veggies. I never really knew why, but I’m guessing our parents wanted us to be “regular” so we wouldn’t be grumpy all day or have hurt tummys.

As a TLS Weight Loss Coach I know that Protein and Fiber with every meal makes losing weight no big deal. Protein builds muscle. Fiber keeps everything “moving” in the right direction.

Most people don’t want to talk about their bathroom habits, yet it’s a crucial part of our health. If you are not regular, toxins build up, you have digestive issues and pain will occur.

I decided to do a little investigating on how much fiber was in the foods I was eating.

If you are like me, you may believe adding a cup of spinach to your morning smoothie would add a ton of fiber. Wrong. I cup of spinach is 1 gram of fiber. 1 cup of Kale is 1 gram of fiber. An apple is 4 grams.  Now if you love artichokes, 1 medium is 10.3 grams! Nuts are around 3 and beans/lentils/legumes are around 15 grams.


So what is the amount of grams of fiber we should have daily? Women are 25 and Men are 38.

I wanted to believe that the salad and smoothie I had would be enough, but I was way off! I would have to eat 25 cups of spinach or kale or lettuce a day! I do have 2 apples a day.

The good news is I add in a Nutritional Protein Shake, TLS Chocolate Shakes to be exact.  They have 10 grams of Fiber! I use those as snacks or as a quick breakfast on the run.

There is nothing wrong supplementing a Protein & Fiber shake during the day.  When it comes to our bodies, if we can’t make it, we must take it. My schedule is very hectic during the week and the shakes are convenient and healthy. I also use Protein & Fiber Bars to have in the car or my bag for those times I am hungry and can’t find anything gluten free or healthy to eat.

Stay tuned for my next blog post on Protein. Your body needs it!

So, are you getting your fiber in?


~Coach Mo

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